I was sitting in my clinic sometimes in 2012, when a veiled muslim woman entered my office for consultation. I was shocked when she called my first name “Folake”… You know that feeling when a complete stranger calls you like that? Yeah. That’s exactly how I felt. 
When she removed her veil, my heart missed a beat. It was XYZ (name withheld). She was one of the most gangster girls I have ever known. She was the kind of girl that you’d have been 98% sure that she wouldn’t make it to SS3 without destroying herself with abortions, STDs or social drugs. She wasn’t even from a muslim background… 
Her face hadn’t changed much, so I was sure it was her. Just to be double sure, I asked again “XYZ, is this you?”. She affirmed, with a smile full of sekinah. I said the tasleem to her again, even though I had said one before she revealed her face. Allaahu Akbar! 
As muslims, we should keep praying that Allaah guides our non-Muslim family and friends to Islaam. The Prophet (saw) never gave up on Abu Tolib even on his deathbed. Some of the worst people in Jahiliyyah became the best companions after proclaiming the shahaadah. Da’wah is our duty, but ultimately, guidance is from Allaah. 
Conversely, we should not content ourselves with our present level of imaan. In an hadith, the Prophet (saw) said that some people would have been doing righteous deeds such that the distance between them and Jannah is just an arm span, and then they deviate and end up in Jahannam. 
Oh! Lord, let us die not, except in a state of complete submission to you. Aameen.


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