In early 2010, I started taking driving lessons from my husband. Ironically, it was an unpleasant experience. I was too messy for him to tolerate. He assumed that because I was good at playing motorgp games, I could easily become a formula one driver overnight. Life doesn’t work out that way my dear! So we went back home, both frustrated.
Months later, I was about to resume duty after birthing my first baby. The ability to drive became almost imperative. So, Habeebee appointed an instructor for me: my brother-in-law (his younger brother). Bro. Rasheed is a complete gentleman, maa shaa Allaah. He took his time to teach me every detail in a systematic approach. One fateful day, he decided to keep his hands off completely and left me to do the driving from Bashorun to Akala road (Ibadan). 
The trip started without a hitch. He gave one or two instructions and I stayed on course. Then it was time to make a U-turn at the end of Akala road. As I turned the steering wheel, I panicked a little, stamped on the accelerator when I was supposed to apply the brake, and then grrrrrrh… We landed in a 5-feet deep gutter! 
AlhamduliLlaah, neither of us was hurt but my 1 month old Golf 4 was badly damaged. After several weeks, I recovered from the psychological trauma of the accident and summoned courage again. May Allaah bless uncle Rasheed, he continued to encourage me, despite the fact that I almost killed him the other day! 

Lessons to take away: 

*Success is a product of patience, courage, effort and God’s grace. 

*Failure doesn’t mean that you need to quit, it means that you need to try again.


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