You feel the urge. You walk into the loo. No pain. No straining. What follows is a nice stream of amber-coloured urine. Seamless, uh? Say AlhamduliLlaah. 

Have you ever seen men in acute urinary retention? They cry like babies. They sweat like turkeys. The doctor comes to pass a catheter and phew! They thank him forever. Going around with a bag of pee becomes a non-issue as long as it gets the job done. Say AlhamduliLlaah. 
Have you ever wondered how much it costs some people to eliminate waste products from their systems? 5 figures for dialysis. 7 figures plus a long waiting list for kidney transplantation. Say AlhamduliLlaah. 
Some can’t control the flow. The muscles, the nerves, a fistula… something is wrong somewhere. They rely on catheters, or diapers, or multistage surgeries. They withdraw into a shell because of the smell of ammonia. Say AlhamduliLlaah. 
Here you are. You pee, and you think it’s nothing… 
I say: AlhamduliLlaah!


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