Dear aspiring parent, 
When you become a parent, you will learn how to do many things that could have been completely beyond your imagination. You will be a doctor, nurse, chef… You will become a DIY expert. 
If you have a daughter, you will learn how to make hairstyles, or even create your own. If you have a son, you will learn how to give him a nice haircut. If you have two or more children, you will do lots of conflict resolution. If you have twins, your brain will begin to work twice as hard and twice as smart. 
You will multi-task. You will acquire leadership skills. You will become a storyteller. You will become an orator. You will learn how to play hide-and-seek among other games. You will become a make-believe movie star. You will dance: with or without music… 
Above all, you will become a teacher. Everything you do – directly or indirectly – you are teaching your children. Be the best teacher you can be! 


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