One of the most dangerous marital mistakes you can make is to expect your spouse to be a superman or superwoman. There is no perfect human anywhere. Even the greatest men (Prophets, companions, saints etc.) who lived on earth had their own share of imperfections. The earlier you realize this fact, the easier it will be for you to overlook simple faults. 
By all means, set high standards for yourself, your spouse and your children. But if you overdo it, little mistakes become unforgivable, and little sacrifices become unnoticeable. 
Dear husband, stop acting “hard to impress”. Women love attention and they love to be praised. Appreciate her. Don’t belittle anything she does to please you. Don’t belittle her looks, actions and aspirations. Don’t blow her mistakes out of proportion. Correct her without making her feel like a failure. Correct her lovingly. The best way to correct her is by being a good example. 
Dear wife, the era of “hard-to-get” is over. Be submissive. Be humble. Appreciate your husband. Appreciate his hustles. Don’t belittle his efforts. Don’t belittle him because you have contributed to his growth or fortune. Don’t compare him to your father, brother or your friend’s husband. Encourage him. Pray for him. Respect him. Don’t make him feel bad about his inadequacies.


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