There is this common belief that men hardly listen and women hardly stop talking. I think it’s true to some extent. But this is not an excuse for men to listen for the sake of listening only. A smart woman knows when you’re listening in rapt attention and when you’re listening while your mind is somewhere else. A lot of men still need to unlearn this idea that women only talk with their tongues without thinking deeply or making sense… 
Dear husband, have you noticed that your wife is talking too much? Could it be that you’re not listening enough? Could it be that you’re not picking the main points out of her verbosity? Could it be that you’re listening, but not attentively? Could it be that you’re listening but not talking back to her? Could it be that you’re listening but not taking any action? These are the questions you need to ask yourself… 
Dear wife, you need to master the art of communication. You should discover the best times to press your man’s “mumu” button and the times when there’s a total disconnect between his ears and his brain. You should learn how to talk using every part of your body without uttering a single word with your mouth. Keep your anger and frustration under control and never raise your voice too loud. You should also know when to keep quiet, relax and do the listening. 


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