Recently, I was chatting with a friend and she told me that she was about to quit a huge project she has been pursuing since the past two years. I tried hard to hold back the tears. I mean, this is someone I have always looked up to and say: ‘maa shaa Allaah!’ This is an indefatigable fellow who always makes me feel ashamed of myself, ‘if she can do this, what stops me?’. I told her right away, ‘stay strong for me, please’. 

You see, we’re all struggling – all of us. Noone is a saint. Noone is a machine. Noone has it all. How many times have I nursed the idea of quitting medicine? I’ve lost count. How many times have I felt like running away and hiding myself in some cave? Several. But then, I remember the family I’m supposed to make proud. I remember the community I’m not supposed to let down. I remember the mentees who are looking up to me. So, I say no. I can’t quit. You can’t quit. 
Dear friend, keep on striving. Patience does not pay as you go; it pays at the end. Please, stay strong for me. At least, take a look at the mirror and tell your image, ‘stay strong for me’.


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