*Your matrimonial bedroom should not be a general room where the children or visitors can enter anyhow. It should be treated with care and respect. Teach your kids to always seek permission before coming into your room. Unless you’re using the same room with the kids, let them sit on a chair (or on the floor) whenever they’re in your bedroom, rather than bouncing on the bed. 

*The bedroom should be kept neat always. Do I even need to say this? Invest in nice curtains, duvets, succulent pillows, coloured dimmable lights, wall decorations and candles (for a romantic treat). These things might sound esoteric, but they go a long way in strengthening your sexlife in particular and your marriage in general. 
*Dress the part. Both of you. I hope you know that it is not only the woman that needs to wear a lingerie, comb her hair, put on perfume, brush her teeth, shave her pubic/armpit hairs, and pose on the bed waiting for her prince? The Prince too should do these once in a while and pose on the bed, waiting his wife! 
*Go to the bathroom and pee before you begin the act. If needed, do number 2 as well. A full bladder and constipated bowel can ruin your sexual satisfaction. This also increases the risk of urinary tract infections, especially in women. Go and pee again after the act and clean up properly. 
*Marital intimacy should not be a one-man show. Pay attention. Carry each other along. Talk. Slow down. Pause. Change postures. Stop when it hurts. Reserve some energy for ‘afterplay’ and ‘aftertalk’ to analyze your performance and make up for unmet needs. 
*Make your intimacy so interesting that it doesn’t feel like a chore. Be creative. Be stylish. Be gentle. Penetration without lubrication can become a big disaster. Be patient.

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