There are some men who can literally pass out if a child mistakenly scratches their car with a coin. It’s just a 1980 model Honda, but the body is as clean as a 5star hotel. They’re the best-dressed at any office/school/party. In short, they’re “take-home-to-mama”…
But the way they behave at home is entirely different…

* The shoe rack is just behind the main door but they would leave their shoes on the foot-mat (hey, it’s called “foot-mat” not “shoe-mat”!)
*They start to undress from the sitting room but instead of packing the clothes into the laundry basket, they distribute them all over the house (and pass by the laundry basket more than 10 times thereafter…)
*After eating, they leave the plates and bowls on the table and go to the kitchen to get a toothpick (ya’nee… Can’t they just clear the table there and then?!)
*The bin is just 5 baby steps away, yet, they litter the floor and find it so difficult to sweep. (lazy bones!)
*When the wife is hospitalized, or travels for a few days, the whole house becomes a post-tsunami area. (they can’t even flush the toilet properly?!)

Bros, in case you missed the housekeeping course while you were growing up, it’s OK, but you should get a crash course. Consider your wife (and/or servant) who cleans the house every minute without complaining. Your children, especially the boys, are watching you. Being the head of the house is more reason why you should be more organized and tidy. Remember that “cleanliness is half of faith”.

PS: some ladies need this crash course too!



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