Life is full of ups and downs and we are all striving for that state of equilibrium. The duration of the “downs” can feel like forever, even if it’s just a twinkle of an eye. A lot has been said about how to exercise patience and pray fervently for that which is being awaited. We also need to learn how to fill in the space and time, whenever life seems empty. Below are some ideas…

1. DECLUTTER YOUR LIFE. The first step you should take is to eliminate those things that can prevent you from focusing on your goals. Cut off bad friends that can derail you. Avoid gatherings that add no value to your life. Purge your mind of grudges, resentment and envy. Those bad habits that you have promised yourself to drop; this is the time to drop them.

2. DO SOMETHING. It actually goes without saying. You can’t just sit down there in the name of waiting for something. You have to act. What is meant to be yours will not miss you. But that’s only if you’re moving too.

3. GIVE MORE. This may look paradoxical. “How can you give what you don’t have?”. But the truth is that we all have something that someone else might not have. The surest way to earn blessings and happiness is to give out what is dear to you.

4. VOLUNTEER. When you volunteer, you are also giving out what is dear to you: your time, skills, knowledge, energy etc. We shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that giving is all about money and material things. In fact, volunteering helps you utilise the waiting period more effectively than just giving stuff.

5. TRY SOMETHING NEW. If plan “A” is not quite working out, you can divert your attention towards plan “B” for the meantime. You can also try other methods of achieving “A”. Start up a small business. Pick up a new hobby. Write a book. Travel and meet new people and appreciate other cultures.

To be continued…


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