Nigerian weddings are full of drama. You won’t understand why some scenes were featured; unnecessary scenes that add no value at all. If you are lucky to be the only practicing muslim in your clan, your wedding might turn into a street fight, because you will be forced to do some “unsunnatic” things. I always wonder: is it their wedding? Anyway, I’ll reserve that gist for later.

There is a point, during the engagement, when the bride is asked to come out and pick what she likes best from the caravan of gifts presented to her by her husband. Of course, the MC would have given her “òrìjó” before the programme; that she must pick the Quran, ablution kettle or tesbih. She will be asked why she picked that, and then, (as she would have learnt behind the scene) she would explain that she will use it to move closer to Allah (before nko?!)

My only worry is: how many of these brides actually do as they have said? Do they actually read this wedding Quran after the wedding? Do they pray and do adhkaar as they promise? Do they display the Quran on the shelve, staring at it everyday as a symbol of their husband’s love? Or they open it and reflect on the divine words therein?

Hmmm… I sincerely hope and pray that they do the needful. May Allah grant us goodness in this life and the next. Aameen.


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