In the past couple of months, I have been writing profusely and my activity on the blogosphere has spiked to an all-time peak. My old friends have been wondering how I suddenly became so “vocal”. A few colleagues have asked me if I was still the same Khadijah. The answer is YES, I am still me! Some people ask me how I weave my words and tell my stories. The answer is also simple: I read anything I find readable. The more you read, the more you trigger your writing skill. What is left is to sharpen that skill, and that, too, is easy. DON’T STOP WRITING (and reading).

The only question I don’t expect anyone to ask is: what do I write? Everyone of us has a story. Everyone of us IS a story. There are stories all around us. There are as many stories as there are grains of sand on the earth. You just need to look closer and think deeper. You just need to overcome your fears, doubts and cold feet. Every story comes with a lesson. You don’t know how many lives your story could touch and how many wounds your story could heal. Your writings are not just for your readers to enjoy. When you write, you feel relieved. Knowledge, fantasies and experiences can be burdensome to the mind. Write, share and smile!

You don’t need to worry about audience numbers and feedbacks. There will be fans who cheer you up. There will be avowed skeptics. There will be silent readers. There will be secret admirers. There will be those who benefit from your story without even knowing who told it. You may not make money. You may not attain fame. You may never get plaques and accolades. But your name will be written boldly in the scrolls. It will be recorded that you wrote from your heart and blessed millions of hearts.

Stop hoarding that story. Stop procrastinating. Start writing and keep writing!


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