For the records, I am pro-polygamy. Though, I am from a monogamous family and I’ve never experienced what polygamy feels like (maybe that’s contributory to my curiosity). It’s good to generally encourage men to practise it. It’s even better to encourage women to embraced it; the incumbent and the incoming. But, hey! What’s with the shaming of the brothers who CHOOSE  the one-wife route?

When did monogamy become like shirk, kufr, nifaaq or any other major sin? Is it by force? Even if the brother can afford to marry four wives, who told you he has the patience to deal with them justly? If he is Ahlus-Sabr, who told you he has the libido to satisfy all of them?  These are human beings we’re talking about, not cars that you just use to decorate your garage!

For your information, there are sisters out there who have been literally begging their husbands to take mathna, but some men are coward babies, hiding under the skin of a lion! You need to be really really really close to them, to know their true nature. Shaming them either makes them more scared, or pushes them to do it just to feel “equal” to their friends…

So, can we drop all these one-wife shaming discussions and move on to the next topic please? Thank you!


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