Alhamdulillaah for journey mercies. Boarding a flight of an airline that has recently recorded a crash is not easy at all. There I was, watching the safety demonstration video and reading the safety guideline pamphlet, over and over again! I couldn’t look out of the window. I was very drowsy, yet I could only sleep with one eye closed!

Again, I say: Alhamdulillaah! Which of the favours of my lord can I deny? I arrived home safely, and everyone at home was safe. Travelling is indeed a stressful endeavour, as the Prophet (saw) said:

“Travel is a portion of torment. It prevents one of you from eating, drinking, and sleeping, so when you have finished your purpose then quickly return to your families”. (Bukhari 1710, Muslim 1927)

This same travelling has made me miss out a lot in this Ramadan. It still doesn’t feel like a typical Ramadan to me. I pray Allaah gives me the opportunity to maximise the remaining days to gather plenty of rewards and blessings. Aameen.


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