*When you (unknowingly) eat and drink in the afternoon before you remember that you’re fasting (especially in the first week!)

*When you finally come back to your senses but there’s still a mouthful of food in there. You wonder: to swallow or to spit out?! (Don’t worry. Swallow this last one. It’s a blessing from Allaah!)

*When it’s 15 minutes to iftar and your menses starts coming (sisters can relate)

*When it’s just 10am and you’re feeling the pangs of hunger (already)

*When you wanted to take a 5 minutes nap after suhoor (oorun sààrì) and then you wake up at 7am…

*When you’ve spent so much time cooking that you’re now too tired to enjoy the meal…

*When your non-muslim neighbour is always cooking with strong spices and you can’t stop salivating

*When you’re travelling, menstruating, breastfeeding etc. but then, you feel too uncomfortable to eat, even in private (It’s OK. Eat and drink. It’s a concessional gift from Allaah!)

*When you find out how much fat you’ve put on; while others are losing weight (You’re probably too sedentary and you eat too much food at suhoor and iftar)


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