*Keep the area clean but avoid using soap.
*Clean from front to back to avoid introducing faecal matter into the vagina.
*Clean the area after urinating, preferably with water; urine is a powerful irritant.
*Opt for soap-free shower gels, bath oils, or just plain water.
*Salt baths may help relieve irritation but don’t use routinely.
*Wipe the damp area with tissue after washing to keep it dry and prevent the growth of microorganisms.
*Allow air circulation to avoid sweating.
*Minimise tight clothing eg. Jeans.
*Use loose underwear and bed clothes.
*Consider removing underwear at bedtime or whenever the weather is hot.
*Avoid synthetic underwear, like nylon, and wool. Opt for cotton.
*Minimise the use of vaginal lubricants, especially perfumed oils. Go for natural oils like olive and almond oils.
*Avoid douching the vagina.
*Avoid insertion of creams, suppositories and other chemical substances, unless prescribed by a doctor.
*Avoid indiscriminate use of vaginal tightening creams. Consult a doctor for advice.


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