1. PLAN AHEAD. Make your intention purely to please Allaah(SWT). Set realistic goals for yourself. Manage your time well. That way, you will be able to stay focused on the ibaadah rather than engaging in frivolities and bad habits.

2.  CREATE A ROUTINE. Follow a simple and consistent routine. This eliminates impulsiveness, helps you to stay calm and be more productive. Remember, the most beloved deed to Allaah is the consistent one, even if it is small.

3. AVOID “BINGING” AT IFTAR. There is always a tendency to eat compulsively from magrib to suhoor! Don’t do it! Eat moderately. Eat dinner immediately after magrib. Avoid going to bed soon after a meal. If you must have a “top up”, let it be fruits, salads, a glass of milk or fresh yogurt.

4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP AT NIGHT. Aim at 6 hours however difficult it may seem. Allaah(SWT) created the night for rest and with proper planning, Ramadan should not be an exception. If you sleep well, you will not skip suhoor, miss fajr or feel weary throughout the day.

5. EAT LIGHT AT SUHOOR. The two most important keywords here are FIBRE and WATER. It’s not about quantity, but quality. For more details check out my last post, “what to eat for suhoor”.

6. KEEP MOVING. Fasting should not be an excuse for laziness. You can cut down your routine exercise, but don’t stop. You can avoid going out because of the midday heat, but don’t sleep all day long.

7. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Between iftar and suhoor, drink as much as you can. Most adults require about 3litres of water per day. You have to compensate for that deficit to keep the body functioning properly.

8. SEE YOUR DOCTOR. Some people have genuine reasons not to fast. Pregnant and nursing mothers, patients with chronic debilitating diseases, senior citizens among others. Check with your doctor. Don’t abandon your medications without medical advice. Allaah(SWT) does not wish to make things difficult for us. You can always repay missed fasts at your own pace inshaaAllaah.

9. USE MISWAK. Apart from being a sunnah, it helps to maintain oral health and keeps the mouth refreshed even while fasting. A fresh breath also boosts your morale and confidence. (ps: it doesn’t affect your routine brushing with toothpastes)


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