I remember one day during December IVC when I, sister shakirah shittu and other UCH sisters were jejely sitting in our corner at the hostel. That was how one sister came and told us that we had to leave that area because it was reserved for her. Gentle girl wey I be, I was already packing my things, but sister shakirah, apparently angry, asked her who had given her the authority to own that place. The sister’s response was more than appalling: “By religion, by status and by age, I am not your mate!”.

If not for the little understanding we had then, we would have vowed never to wear niqab if that was how niqabites behave. Even if a sister offends you, and you think she’s below you in level of “Islamness”, that’s not the time to boast about the volumes of tiras you have memorized. It’s not uncommon to see sisters forming cliques during programmes. Niqabites here, khimarites there, scarfites somewhere in between. And then we complain that some sisters are not growing, or some sisters are leaving Islaam, A’uudhubillaah min dhaalik!!!

You’re cruising alone in your Jeep and a pregnant sister is trekking in the midday sun with three children. You can’t park and ask where she’s going? Why? You just washed the car and you don’t want the children to ruin it? Really??? Yet we complain that muslim women are patronising ori oke adura. If we don’t help one another, who will? If we don’t encourage one another, who will?

What is the pride all about? Were you born with the hijab? Was it your power or your knowledge that brought you this far or Allaah’s unconditional Mercy? So, why limit yourself to some caucus and forget about the ones who are struggling to be like you? Do you know what difference a kind word, or just a smile can make in that sister’s life? It is only Allaah that guides,fine, but your repugnant attitude is one of the reasons some people have failed to see guidance. Go home and sleep the seven “sleeps” that a real woman needs to sleep and change your attitude towards people for good!!!


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