* Your dress is so nice, it’s a pity you cover it up with your hijab.
(Why are you pitying me? You want to take antibiotics for someone else’s infection? My dressing is incomplete without my hijab)

* Do you people wear earrings?
(Yes we do. Average of 2-3 piercings plus an optional, privileged one on the nose for those wearing niqab!)

* How will you get someone to marry you?
(Seriously?! So, men now have to see your whole body before they decide whether you’re Ms. Right or not? Those wearing niqab can simply reveal their faces to interested brothers, in the presence of a third party: a male relative or another woman)

* Why do you allow a man to enslave you like this?
( Which man? Last time I checked, my dad/brother/uncle is still trying to understand why I’m wearing it. Some hijabites are not even married yet, so, don’t think it’s the husbands forcing them)

* You can’t find a job with this kind of dressing.
( Oh! Really?! Who told you I’m looking for a modelling job?)

* OMG! Your hair is so beautiful.
( Hijab is no excuse for a broken, unkempt, lice-infested hair!!!)

* Do you feel comfortable in this hot weather?
( Yes. There’s a thermostat in the brain- the hypothalamus- that helps to adapt to temperature changes. My hypothalamus has gotten “used to” me wearing the hijab when it is hot. Therefore, it has been RESET to withstand a higher temperature. So, I’m fine… Lol)

* Do you wear it indoors too?
(No. As long as a “strange” male or unreliable female is not around, I can remove my hijab and wear ANYTHING inside my father’s/husband’s house)

* This is just Arab culture.
( It’s not. Go check the history of the Arabs. Women’s nudity used to be displayed for entertainment before Islaam came. Hijab is a religious duty, not a cultural attire)

* Why do you wear this hijab sef?
( The most intelligent question of all. It is a divine injuction. It’s clearly stated in the Quran and further explained by learned scholars: chapter 24 vs 30-31 and chapter 33 verse 59. We observe it to seek the pleasure of Allaah ALONE. It also helps us to stand out and be identified as muslim women and to be protected from molestation).

Any more questions???!!!

Khadijah Sanni-Tijani



  1. Oladejo Rodiat Abiola 24/05/2017 / 9:45 pm

    salamaaleikum sister khadijah, these are the right answers. for this I say jazakumllah khairan.


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