there’s a limit to the light
the human eyes can see,
and the sound the ear can hear,
there’s a limit to the cuteness
the mind can bear.
I believe the cuteness of birds
is the cutest of all.

don’t blame me
for my obsession with birds.
is it my fault?
that I’m mesmerised
by the chirpy songs
of the nightingale,
the extravagant beauty
of the peacock
and the chattiness
of the parrot;
with its blend of flashy colours?

I don’t know why
I envy birds so much.
is it because they can fly?
without tickets
or worries about baggage?
is it because they’re free?
except the few ones that
man decides to cage
for his entertainment?
is it because they’re happy?
and contented with the little
feeds they can fetch for the day?

what would the world be like
without chickens and turkeys?
I know it sounds cruel,
but hey!
which meat do we turn to
when we’re tired of beef?



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