* Simple wedding. Modest dowry given to the bride. A child is born. A beautiful name is given. Refuge is sought against all evils. Hair is shaved and a ram or two are killed and distributed on the 7th day… This is Islam.

* Extravagant wedding. Prohibitive dowry given to the bride’s family. A child is born. The naming is done on the 8th day. Lavish party. Noise all over the place… This is just them.

* A girl is born. She is loved and adored. She is well-trained. She is fully empowered to face the challenges of the world and contribute meaningfully. She is married off when physically and emotionally matured… This is Islam.

* A girl is born. She is maltreated. Education is not compulsory. She is married off in childhood and her marriage consummated before she’s physically and emotionally ready… This is just them.

* Children are taught the fundamentals of the religion from childhood. They are taught how to be modest and carry themselves gracefully. They are allowed to make informed decisions as soon as they’re matured, as ultimate guidance is from Allaah… This is Islam.

* Children are brainwashed about heretic ideologies right from childhood. They are forced to do everything, no questions, no understanding, no conviction. They become militants, terrorists, hoodlums. They are married forcefully to spouses they don’t love… This is just them.

* Beneficial knowledge is sought. Highest level of education is reached. Halaal wealth is acquired. Charity is given generously. Knowledge is imparted to all, irrespective of religious diversity… This is Islam.

* Seeking knowledge is not a priority. Asceticism is the norm. Wealth and good living is abhored. Religious diversity is a curse. Follow a sheikh blindly even if it means hurting yourself and others… This is just them.

* Allaah is one. He is the First and the Last. He has no partner in His majesty. He is closer to us and no intercessor is required to reach Him. Submit your whims and caprice to His Will and Rulings… This is Islam.

* Allaah is one but there are other gods needed to assist Him. Pray to Him using prophets, sheikhs, mountain, stones, seas etc. as intercessions… This is just them.

* Smile often. Don’t be angry. Spread the word with wisdom and beautiful preaching. Honour the children. Respect the elderly. Love all living creatures. Be kind to neighbours. Keep the ties of Kinship… This is Islam.

* Hate anyone who does not share your religious beliefs. Don’t care about parents if they’re not muslims. Keep to yourself and don’t visit neighbours and relatives… This is just them.


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