Pain in the life of a mother

Which is the worst pain of motherhood?
Is it the various discomforts of pregnancy
From pelvic pain to tingling feet
Or fetal kicks and heartburn?

Is it the needle pricks for routine tests
Or the periodic midwife’s palpation
Or the back aches and Braxton Hicks?

Is it the pain of established labour
In a bid to avoid medicated birth?
Hmm, let’s not even go there!

Is it the stitches from a tear or Cesarean
Or the reddish cracked nipples
As the baby bites with her itchy gums?

Is it the spraining of the ankle
From hysterical dancing at midnight
With a colicky little monster?

Is it the stamping on the stray toys
That the tiny human keeps flinging around?
Ouch! It hurts really bad.

Is it the mild pain that she patiently endures;
That which brings smiles rather than tears
Or the sever pain, that leaves unsightly scars?

Is it the daily swings of emotional wreck
From the very day she becomes a mother
Till she breathes her last and go to rest?

Oh! Allaah please bless my mum
For all the pains that she has borne.


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