A boy should have…
A loving father; any father;
Biological father
Foster father
Someone with balls
To show him what balls do.

A boy should have…
A crush on his mother
Like Oedipus complex
Not erotic though
But just enough to know
The status of a woman
And how to deal with girls.

A boy should have…
A superhero
A religious leader
Or a political figure
Not a cartoon character
A real role model
A mentor.

A boy should have…
Culinary skills
Cleaning skills
Decorating skills
Typical girlish skills
So that he won’t rush to marry
Just because he’s tired of noodles.

A boy should have…
A unique hobby
Like sports or arts and crafts
Something he enjoys doing
Something to keep him busy
Something to occupy his mind
And keep the devil away.

A boy should know…
How to groom himself 
How to tie a tie
How to tie shoelaces
How to shine his shoes
How to control his odour
But not overdo his Cologne.

A boy should know…
Something about everything
How to work and how to play
How to lead and how to follow
How to laugh and how to cry
And most importantly,
How to put God first in everything.

Khadijah Sanni-Tijani


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